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Semi Automatic Pneumatic Labeling Machine For Round Bottle Cans
  • Semi Automatic Pneumatic Labeling Machine For Round Bottle Cans
  • Semi Automatic Pneumatic Labeling Machine For Round Bottle Cans
  • Semi Automatic Pneumatic Labeling Machine For Round Bottle Cans
  • Semi Automatic Pneumatic Labeling Machine For Round Bottle Cans

Semi Automatic Pneumatic Labeling Machine For Round Bottle Cans

Place of Origin china
Brand Name AM
Certification CE,DAS,ROHS,ISO9001
Model Number Automatic Flat Labeling Machine
Product Details
Labeling Accuracy:
^0.5mm(excluding Product And Label Errors);
Labeling Speed:
15~ 30 Pieces/min (theoretical Value, Related To Product, Label Size And Operation Level);
Applicable Product Size:
Medium 10mm≤ Diameter ≤φ150mm;
Applicable Label Size:
20mms Width ≤230mm, 20mms Length <300mm;
Machine Size:
About 950X560X530mm (length X Width X Height);
Applicable Power Supply:
220V 50/60Hz;
Machine Weight:
About 34Kg;
Applicable Label Diameter:
Medium 280mm;
High Light: 

Semi Automatic Pneumatic Labeling Machine


Round Bottle Pneumatic Labeling Machine

Product Description

High quality semi-automatic pneumatic labeling machine factory direct sales


Product description


Labeling accuracy: ^0.5mm(excluding product and label errors);
Labeling speed: 15~ 30 pieces/min (theoretical value, related to product, label size and operation level);
Applicable product size: medium 10mm≤ diameter ≤φ150mm;
Applicable label size: 20mms width ≤230mm, 20mms length <300mm;
Machine size: about 950X560X530mm (length X width X height);
Applicable power supply: 220V 50/60Hz;
Machine weight: about 34Kg;
Applicable label diameter: medium 76mm;
Applicable label diameter: medium 280mm;



 Basic use

It can be used for labeling cylindrical objects of various specifications, such as xylitol, round bottle of cosmetics, round bottle cans, etc., equipped


with full-cycle/half-cycle labeling, full-cycle front and back labeling functions; It can be equipped with ribbon coding machine, inkjet coding


machine, labeling and printing batch number and other information.


Scope of application

Applicable labels: self-adhesive label, non-adhesive film, electronic supervision code, bar code, etc.

Applicable products: products requiring labels on the circumferential surface and conical surface;

Application industry: Widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, electronics, hardware, plastic and other industries;

Application examples: can round bottle labeling, oral liquid round bottle labeling, celine bottle labeling, xylitol labeling, shampoo bottle labeling,

small taper cosmetic bottle labeling, etc.



Overall view


1. Material tray: used to place label rolls.

2. Traction drum: It is used for label winding to ensure label tightness and the reasonableness of force when label stripping.

3. Marker electric eye: used to detect the spacing of each marker.

4. Marker electric eye frame: used to install marker electric eye, which can move up, down, left and right.

5. Top pressing mechanism: It is used to press the bottle to ensure the effect of covering the label. The tightness can be adjusted by the left and right plum handle screws.

6. Strip label plate: used to strip labels, - as factory debugging, special circumstances can also be adjusted.

7. Positioning device: The label is positioned on the left side to ensure the position of the label on the bottle, which can be adjusted left and right.

8. Support rod: can be placed in different slots to adapt to different specifications of bottle labeling.

9. Traction mechanism: by pulling the bottom paper, peel off the label, its tightness can be adjusted by the plum handle screw.

10. Foot switch connection port: used to connect foot switch.

11. Control box: labeled electromechanical and gas control center, arranging various controls and PLCS.

12. Touch screen: man-machine dialog window for setting and adjusting various parameters.

13. Emergency stop switch: Used for emergency stop.

14. Speed control button: used to adjust the speed of the motor to control the labeling speed.



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